“Why do you look for the LIVING among the DEAD?  He is not here; he has RISEN!”

Luke 24:5b-6a

Let’s talk about fairytales…

They’ve been around for hundreds and hundreds of years.  Maybe longer.  Let’s just say, they’re really, really old.  They’re kind of like pieces of  our history.  They are also unique to our cultures, our heritage, varying from continent to continent — changing and evolving as they have been retold from generation to generation.  They’re little pieces of us.

I happen to love them. They’re treasures.  I may be slightly infatuated with them.  I have been since my childhood.  They were a refuge of sorts for me.  They gave me hope.  Good verses evil.  In the most dire of circumstances.  The strongest faith was necessary to overcome the darkness.  Might didn’t make right.  Good could come in very small and unassuming packages.  But it always prevailed.  To a little girl with no voice, this was an extremely powerful message.

And as I’ve grown, they’ve continued to be a comfort.  Home comes in many shapes and forms to me — and it’s not often a physical place.  And as someone who thoroughly enjoys similes, metaphors, and all the ways in which fables and these fairytales of yore seem to so applicably apply to our very nows — well, I still cozy up to them with my own children…

I love the twists and turns, the magic, something your eyes thought was just isn’t, the impossible is always possible, the old is made new, those who appear so very weak can be so very strong — the urchins, nothings, cast aways of society have the bravery of lions, hearts of gold — appearances can be deceiving in good and bad ways, so you must judge a person by their character — kindness matters, and ultimately the power of love saves us all.  True love is everything. 

Fairytales teach us much.  They teach us to be kind.  That good conquers evil.  That faith and doing the next right thing will take us far.  That even peasants can be princesses.  That we should never judge a book by it’s cover.  Heroes can be everyday people just like us.  And the power in that?  Well, that’s pretty amazing.  You too can slay your dragons…

dragons can be beatenAnd so I’m sitting here with a cup of Earl Grey and listening to James Taylor, the original JT, allowing my heart to drift along to “Something In the Way She Moves” and thinking back to a different time — when things were altogether much more complicated — yet possessed a unique sense of simple.  Although dragons may weaken in their strength and size and their fire power may subside from a substantial blazing infernal bellow that could originally consume me from the inside to the outside to now just occasionally quaking my toes when I get the faint reminisce of smoke — new dragons often enter in to new phases of our lives — some taking advantage of where others have wounded and scarred so very deeply — intentionally striking at some of the same gashes that have yet to heal.

Life is a battle.  And many of us are walking wounded.  And there just aren’t enough Band-Aids in the world now, are there?

And why is it that we continue to get up and walk at all?  Why do we refuse to give up when there are so many dragons, when there will always BE dragons?  Is it because we are strong?  Because we are determined?  Because we are brave?  Because we are proud?  Is it because we have something to prove?  Because of this faith thing?  Because we believe in something bigger then ourselves like love, or something else that is more powerful than us? Is it because we are silly miracles chasers, because we believe in something truer, more real, and more powerful than anything we can describe or see with our eyes or even our hearts? Is it because of our children or those we love?  Hmmmmmm.  I wonder…

Maybe it is some of these things, or all of these things, or none of these things on any given day.  But, ultimately, it’s always this one thing for this girl.  Yes, ultimately it is this that I know the merciful and miraculous ending to my amazing great Rescue story (and we ALL have a great Rescue story)…

I know the last page. 

Well, this spherical one…

 And this is something that fairytales do NOT give us — will never posses or teach us.  It is something another book far more powerful has rendered this soul.  And this is no fairy tale, friends. This is very, very real. 

This hard, sometimes outright painfully miserable, yet full of so much beauty it hurts story — I know the ending — and it is pretty fantastic.  It is far better than any fairy tale ever written.  And it makes all of this — what ever the THIS may be — worth it.

So I hold out, and I hold on, and I continue to believe — no — I continue to KNOW that TRUE LOVE CONQUERS ALL.  So what ever I may seem to feel like I’m missing in these holes in my heart, what ever I may seem to come up short in in my “enough-ness” raging on in this battle down here for good against all this evil — sweet, sweet hearts — I know the ending to my story —

and the ending is —  there is no ending

and that’s the miracle — the biggest miracle

all because of a choice made for love — true love

a sacrifice — on a cross — the greatest Rescue

❤ the greatest love story  ever written ❤

And although I may spend this earth part forever fighting my dragons in this precarious and precociously teetering place of balance between listening to God’s voice and knowing when to act in bravery for Him and when to be still and allowing Him to fight for me — I know that when my last breath is reached, I will never have to fight again.  And when my body dies, my beastly dragons die with it.  My true self and soul will be set free.  And those angels who watch over me (poor things are quite busy) —  I’ll get to see them too!  And although I really don’t need or even desire streets paved in gold — a back country road is heaven enough for me — I’ll get to walk those too — with a Father who has always held me.  But this time, he will be so close, I will never feel that hole in my heart again.  No need for Band-Aids.  No need for fairy tales.  No need to fight any dragons or darkness.  Nothing but light.  Nothing but love.

Happy Easter, loves.

Happy FOREVER LOVE, my friends.

Here’s to KNOWING the ending to our story.

And here’s to LIVING our lives so that others may know theirs too… ❤

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