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“And he said: ‘I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.'” Matthew 18:3

Swimming lessons started this past week for this little family, and since my husband has started taking yet another class (who says teachers have their summers “off”?), it’s Mommy taking the boys at the crack of dawn to the pool to learn how to do the breast stroke, flutter kicks, dive, and even swim with our clothes on (to add resistance) — you know, learn all the things I don’t know how to do so they can teach me.  My boys are early risers, so it’s just mommy that has the hard time getting up that early in the morning–this achy body gets slower and slower every year.

Our drive takes about 25 to 30 minutes and is just beautiful, despite how early it is–lush, green, hilly, and gorgeously sunny–and it’s just us–connecting–and with my boys–always talking.  Lately, the topic of conversation has been all about heaven.  Pretty philosophical for so early in the morning before grabbing a paddle board and treading water…

I’ve always taught my boys that we are divine creatures.  Those of you who are close to me may get a little tired of how much I pontificate upon this point — and I appreciate that you love me anyway.  I really do. But it is truly so incredible, beautiful, miraculous, and worthy of constant reminder to me (we don’t hear it or let it sink into our bones enough!!!) — and I often re-pontificate just to remind myself.  How holy and divine we are!  God created life, human life (not to mention the entire universe and this whole world thing)–whomever, what ever you believe that higher power to be–and because of this–we all have a piece of God in us, as part of us, coursing through us.  God energy, God light, God love. Some of us choose to recognize our holiness, some of us do not.  And when we recognize our holiness, we also recognize and respect the holiness in others — because God’s energy, light, and love is not just inside of us–nope–it’s inside of every being!   WE ARE ALL SACRED!  Kind of amazing, yes?  And when you see with these eyes, you treat others the way you want to be treated, love others the way you want to be loved, give, hope, pray, believe, it goes on for miles–loves–infinite miles…

And this God light in us, if you are a Christian, is called the Holy Spirit.  This is where we are again in our Bible readings at night in Acts and John with the boys.  Jesus has just risen and all of the disciples are in a dark room, missing him, afraid, not sure what is going to happen next, and Jesus sends them the Holy Spirit so that they are never, ever alone.  Never, ever without him again!  What an amazing gift!!!  And we have this gift!!!  Inside our hearts, to call upon–every single day.  This holy, holy gift of the spirit.  We are divine!  We carry a piece of God!  It brings me to tears how much he loves us — we are home to his love.  Incredible.  Truly.  Now, my Griffyn is always a little bit disappointed that he missed out on the flickering flames ablaze everyone’s heads — and he’s often adamant about turning off “ALL THE YIGHTS” (even the night lights and light up pillow pets) when we say our evening prayers — just in case the Holy Spirit should choose to show himself to us in this manner again.  Fire that doesn’t burn.  I mean, seriously, how cool is that?  But a piece of God forever living in your heart, I mean, that is just pure awesome.  Heaven in our hearts…

And so when I gave them this analogy, it must have stuck with G because he hasn’t stopped talking about heaven since.  He’s always been curious, but now he wants specifics.  I mean, will his whole kindergarten class be there, will our house be there, bugs–he needs them, and pizza, and his bike, and plants, and his new fish — and then, of course — questions arise about that other place — which he “tan’t say betuase it’s a bad wurd”.  And then he says to me, “But momma, I dust want heaven to be yike dis earf beataus I lub dis earf! Dis earf is so awesome!”  And I am so happy to hear that I almost cry–and yes, yes, I don’t need doctrine thrown in my face about how we are not to be attached to the things of this world–my baby is six.  I am so happy for my love because I never had that happiness and carefreeness and joy as a little child and I am so flipping elated I could drive off the rode and into the sky!  Motherhood?  Accomplished, as far as I’m concerned!  My boy is a happy, carefree kid.  Mission completed.  Amidst all the trials and hardships he’s seen, he knows God is always good and faithful!!!  Now I just have to maintain that for the rest of his life–ha! But I know that’s not me, that’s God’s hand.

And then my oldest, who’s little brother was put on this earth–in his mind–to grow his patience–ever so gently rolls his eyes and says, “You know how great earth is Griffyn, well, heaven is like a thousand times better than that.”

“A FOUSAND?!?!?!?!?!?!” G’s eyes pop out of his head–he has rather large eyes–and a rather large head.

“Yeah,” Max continues, “A thousand.  People never get sick. Everything is like, just perfect, and you’re never scared of anything, there’s never anything bad, no one every dies, and everyone is nice and just loves everyone.” Max finished, exhaling and breathing wistfully–like he’s dreaming of the most magical and beautiful place ever.  Which made me tear up and nearly drive off the rode for a second time.

“Oh, tinnah yike Twissmas.” G said in a matter of fact, I got this figured out and I know everything — like most six year olds d0 — sort of way.

Max, very patiently smiled, took a deep breath and said, “Kind of, but not.”

“Yup, deffinatey yike Twissmas.” and G sat back in his seat and noticed an ice cream shop we passed by and started asking me about all the flavors of ice cream and added that there must also be ice cream in heaven.  To which I replied, absolutely.

Namaste, friends.  The God in me honors the God in you.  Much love, joy, light and happiness to you all.  Enjoy the heaven in your hearts this day, and remember your divinity!  You are sacred, loves — we all are so sacred.  And I am so continuously blessed that my sweet children remind me of this every single day.  God doesn’t have to work through their doubt like he has to plod through mine.  Their dreams are open and free, and God is so big, vast, and can do all things.  I say these things.  My children KNOW these things.  Because they are connected to their divine every day.  I’m making more of a conscious effort to be connected to mine–though yoga, meditation, just breathing in and out, being in the word, praying–always praying, making God part of our every day.

And so we say Namaste a lot in this house — which means, the God in me honors the God in you (are you picking up that continuous thread in this? smile).  And I just found out, through Glennon’s book (read it, read it, read it!!!), that Mother Theresa (my hero of heroes!), would frequently use this greeting with people that she met–honoring, respecting the divinity they held inside their bodies.  She recognized that our bodies are temples of God.  She was such an amazing example of being the hands and feet of Jesus and doing small things, that are such big things, with such great love.  And if you are my G, you may also tweak this a little.  While practicing yoga yesterday, he interrupted my mat time — it happens — a lot — and asked if he could “pwatice” yoga with me.  I told him that when I finished “my time”, I would love to do yoga with him.  He said to me, “but Momma, da dod in me wants to pway wif da dod in you.”  Touché, Griff, touché.

And if you know me, you know I diverge…  But you get my message, loves.  Celebrate you, celebrate each other.  If life were just meant to live and die for skin and bones and no more — what would the point of any of this be?  I’m trying to be more patient with people, more forgiving (God has been so graciously forgiving and merciful with me!) — trying to honor the God more that is in everyone — whether they choose to see it in themselves or not.  Trying to see past how I feel, what is placed on me, and look a little deeper into their lives.  Maybe their marriage stinks, maybe they are just plain unhappy, unfulfilled, or just not in a good place (not that being mean, dishonest, disrespectful, or rude is okay–but it doesn’t have to make me feel like “twap”, as G would say) — and by the power of the Holy Spirit, I can move on.  Because I have to, because I am no good to others and to my God if I can’t.  Because I believe God has great things in store for me, for my family, for all of us.  Because I am a divine being, with a mighty God living inside of me and I am worthy of happiness, because, as G sings, “I am a promise.”  So, I pray for patience like Max and wide eyes like Griffyn and hearts, beautiful hearts, like both of them — and so much joy.

And I can’t wait to find out what we are going to talk about on our way to swim lessons next week.  And I promise, I’ll stay on the road. And yes, we’ve already talked about flying cars.  Those will be in heaven too…


2 thoughts on “Heaven is for real…

  1. LOVE you Angie and LOVE our amazing nephews! Thanks for sharing your heart, beautiful writing, and incredible soul with us. LOVED reading this and it was a great way to end the day!!! YOU all are heaven to me!!!!

  2. My dearest, dearest daughter, I can hardly see as I am trying to type this because I am overwhelmed with tears of joy and amazement. You truly are a gift to me. YOU, Angela Joy, are an amazingly bright and beautiful star and presence in my life – Griffyn and Max reflect “you” and I wish I could run over this minute and hug all of you.

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