Ahhh, those nights of no sleep, spending your time on the bathroom floor in pain, trying to get your husband’s attention for just a glass of water (the man could sleep through the second coming of the Messiah), and just thanking God that this is all I have to deal with. Praying for my friends that have to go through so much more—-incredibly more–blessing them–how do they do it? God, seriously, bless them a thousand times over! Thanking God for tomorrows… (and the next sleepless night, adding thankfulness for doctor’s offices that are open bright and early Saturday mornings!)

So it turns out that awful ear pain all week was more than just tolerating the “Preschool Idol” center we had set out for the dramatic play area. I mean really, a real drum set (kid size–Erin, you would have been so impressed), cymbals, xylophones, bongo drums (because you can never have enough drums), microphones, a stage to make singing at the top of your lungs even more enticing, clickers, clackers–you name it–if it made noise, I mean music, we had it.  Intense ear pain.  I blamed it on this.  It was a double ear infection brewing.  Silly me.  In the throws of them, I always think of my babies and the millions they endured as babies–not millions, but night after sleepless night and several tubal surgeries later, you lose count.

And my lungs and head were just not right, but I blamed allergies and migraine issues and kept on pushing.  So, God just kind of pushed me a little harder and Thursday night was spent shaking, scared, and in pain on the bathroom floor–so I wouldn’t wake everyone else up–my husband, not so much the problem–but my two lovely boys had made it to our room in the middle of the night as well.  Just hurt and prayed and praised.  Tomorrow would come.  Just needed to get there.

On top of the ears, came bronchitis–which she was glad we had caught before pneumonia–every breath was catching under the stethoscope.  My body has been able to fight this stuff off on its own for a while now, so I was pretty proud of myself for not having to have had antibiotics for this long–but maybe waited a smidge too long to go in.  But with everything that goes on with my body–it’s hard to tell what’s my “normal” ow and what’s a “sick” ow until it hits me like a sledgehammer.  Antibiotic–two rounds–because she didn’t think one would cut it–and my good friend, prednisone!  Here comes an even more emotionally unstable me!  Ahhh, my husband is so excited and my friends are all running and hiding! Heh, heh… Got in bright and early on Saturday morning (I could in no way, shape or form, drive myself to the doctor Friday), didn’t interfere with baseball practice, and should start to feel a little better by Monday.  Yay.  Sunshine. And it looked so beautiful outside.  Marty took the boys with him to stadium cleanup (such awesome helpers they were)–and I was glad they got to spend some of it in the sunshine–even if it was terribly windy.

So my weekend was confined to my bed and bathroom floor, with a little jaunt to the doctor’s office and pharmacy.  And here comes Monday.  Nope, not ready for it, as being on my feet for more than ten minutes starts the room spinning like crazy (weird how much your ears affect your balance and tummy)–but it’ll come and we’ll all deal–and it’ll all be good.  And my boys, as always, have been so sweet–checking on me to see if I need anything, bringing me water, wanting to snuggle, giving me kisses, reading to me–making sure I feel loved–always making sure I feel loved.  My husband is awesome at getting “the problem” fixed (aka–getting me to the doctor, getting the prescriptions picked up), but isn’t the most sensitive when it comes to me being ill and actually taking care of me (and he’d admit this too)–with out my boys I’d be left to fend for myself.  I thank God for their blessed little hearts every single day.  They have such empathy and kindness.  It touches me so.  Turns out, I really, really do like ‘fruit by the foot’.

And then this happened…


To make it just the most incredible, awesome, most bestest weekend ever!  Baby Ella, our prize fighting Pinky girl, got to go home after enduring her fourth round of chemo this past week!  We all just stopped and praised, sang hallelujah, and praised some more.  G even did a little dance (the boy has moves). JOY! Pure joy! Welcome home, Ella!!!  Here’s to the rest of your amazing life, baby girl!  And when we see you this summer, G will show you his dance.  All of our love to Sara, Patrick, and Ava as well.  This truly was the best weekend “evva!”.

Watching TV, reading, drinking tea, getting snuggled–it’s not so bad, right?  These owies will eventually go away. Getting up to get tea and seeing that your house looks like a pack of savage wolves ran through it not once, but possibly a few hundred time, NOT so pleasant–but it’s just laundry, and garbage, and dishes, and piles of paper–bills, homework, maybe some of its important… That’ll all get taken care of eventually.  When the room stops moving–because my feet are standing still in front of this hot-pot trying to open this damn bag of calming tea…

G has somehow lost his favorite Apple Jack pony in the mix of this clutter and I did my best to tidy up the living room searching for it–and his bedroom–hit the inhaler–and back to bed.  Still lost.  Not about to tackle the stairs to Max’s room.  Maybe when big brother gets home from practice he can help you find her? Maybe…  For now, coaxing him into another movie so I can rest–sleep is still not happening–but I’ll take rest.  Rest is good.  We’ll find Apple Jack.  How hard can it be to find a bright orange horse? G’s agreed and it’s time for another round of “Frozen”–and I sincerely do not mind.  Some people are worth watching movies a bazillion times over for…



One thought on “Weekend ramblings…

  1. Feel better soon sweet sister of mine. Sending love, health, healing, speedy recovery, hugs, kisses, rest, and peace your way. Three cheers for baby Ella!! And three cheers for you Supermom! XOXOXO We love you so very much!!

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