Today needed to be a snow day, or a half day, I was kind of counting on it.  Feeling pretty awful, surviving another night of sweating through fevers and then chills to awake to a dull ache in the ears, a stuffy head, nose and the sore throat of the common cold.  I was waiting for that phone to ring–more accurately praying and fingers crossed hoping.  If not a day, an early out due to potential ice issues please.  No, we made it through.  The whole crazy Friday.  Warriors we are.  ‘Not for the faint of heart’, as one of my dear friends describes it.  If you don’t believe me, please come join the ranks of preschool land.  We’ll hold your hand–we don’t pick our noses. Can’t promise that for the rest of the room, however.

I get really crabby when I’m sick and not feeling well.  When the Sudafed and ibuprofen wear off, the aches and pains prevail, my patience wanes and my filter goes away.  I cry easily, laugh easily, get hurt and frustrated easily–I’d say my emotions are as soft as my body is fragile when I’m in this state of ouch.  I just want to curl up in bed.  I just want everyone to be nice (and there to be lots of hot lemon tea and fresh baked chocolate chip cookies for everyone).

And in this life, my loves and friends and family, I just want to say that I truly don’t care if I am ever ‘right’ (that’s not to say that I don’t have opinions about things–you know I do).  I so very often make mistakes and say and do so many stupid things.  It’s kind of “my thing”.  I don’t need to be the purveyor of all knowledge or know this or that person or any bit of gossip–ever.  Could care less.  You know this about me.  In the end, all the really matters is that we treat each other, from the littlest to the biggest, kindly.  That we show one another respect, validate one another’s presence, say “you matter” by our actions and our words, and take the time to listen when spoken to.  Really listen.  Empathy, sympathy, those are good things to acquire as well.  These, by no means, are difficult things to do.  And once they become habitual, such whole and complete communication enfolds.

I’ll be the first to admit I have sensory issues with this world.  It is entirely too loud for me.  I’m not shy or overly quiet, but there is entirely too much pushing and shoving of thought and hubris going around.  Let people finish their sentences.  Please.  Let them breathe. Please. We’re all here, in essence, to help each other.  To reach some common good, what ever you believe that to be.  Respect, kindness, breathe…  You before me.  Sharing, not just taking.  Filling each other’s buckets, not emptying them. Building each other up, not bullying.  In essence, let’s please remember all the things we learned in preschool.

And, of course, please cover your mouth when you cough–and promptly wash your hands.  Some of us are really tired of catching all of these darn colds.

Much love and always kindness,

graciously yours…


One thought on “Always Kindess

  1. Amen sister! Feel better soon. Sending healing vibrations, health, sleep (it is our body’s best way to recover), kindness, gentleness, hugs and speedy recovery vibes your way. Hope you wake up today feeling much better. LOVE you so much! Thanks for sharing your beautiful heart with us. Feel better soon. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

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