This is our last Friday of Winter break, and while I could lament and complain over how fast it has gone by, I find myself instead in the throws of gratefulness.  Incredible, content, all out gratefulness.  This is the first year I have not had to completely stress over our holiday schedule, work on Christmas Eve, worry about a work lottery system, or miss out on most of the festivities with my family because of my job.  My heart is completely swelling with gratitude over the blissful two weeks that have been.  We have had so much fun doing lots of nothings, somethings, and everything in between.  I am a puddle of thanks.

Which makes it appropriate that today, although later than was what I had originally planned for this new tradition, was the day we opened and read through our “thankful jar”.  I had intended to do this as a family on New Year’s Day, but we became inundated with other ventures and thoughts, and so it was saved for this day.  We began our thankful jar during the spring–each time one of us felt quite thankful for something–from the small to the big–we wrote it on a slip of a paper and tossed it in our thankful jar–to be read at the beginning of the New Year–or a few days after. It was lovely to go over all of the sweet memories and also to remember what we had all survived–at the loving hands of family and friends.  It was a year of health issues, and wisdom teeth removal (not fun at 37) for this momma–so we had much to be thankful for.  The boy’s notes were so touching–and the most fun was that Marty and I hadn’t read them–the boys just put them in–so they were surprises–and a few tear jerkers–to us too.  A few things we will do differently and tweak for next time–date our slips of paper–and encourage Daddy to write.  It was a beautiful experience. I highly recommend.  I’m pretty sure all of our hearts grew just a little.

On a side note, I ask you to pray for our friends, the Manners, whom we are also so very thankful for.  Their little Pinky was born a few days ago, preemie at that, and underwent surgery yesterday that began around 8:30 a.m. and ended around 6 p.m.  Quite an ordeal for anyone, let alone a two day old preemie infant.  Sara, her mommy, and her daddy, Patrick, and her big sister, Ava, are amazing human beings.  Some of the loveliest I have come to know.  So, if you get a moment, please pray for Princess Pinky (otherwise known as Ella)–for strength for her body to heal and fight and for the tumor to be all gone.  They are all so courageous and such an inspiration to all of us.  We continue to love, pray, and send good energy from Iowa.  The boys fell in love with her picture and can’t wait to make the drive down to see her (that and Patrick mentioned something about a Brewers game and you know Max and baseball).  Hugs to all of them with all of our might.

Trying to keep warm in these frigid temps with hot tea, a fuzzy robe and slippers and lots of loving in this heart.   A few more days and school starts up again.  Crazy schedules, getting up so early, having to check the calendar a hundred times (we’re down to one car now again as the check engine light is on once again after just getting it fixed and pouring all that money into it at our local car place–grrrr!  yet, thankful we both work at the same building and this momma isn’t driving half an hour to work every day doing ten hour shifts that are so not conducive to sharing a car–looking on the bright side), homework (you know what that means–helping my fifth grader with his sixth grade math–my favorite–ug!), basketball practices and games, and baseball before you know it–but for now, I’ll take this cozy tea and time to get things done–or nothing at all–and let this flood of gratitude continue to wash over me in a current of blissful peace.  It is well with my soul.  And when all the crazy starts again, I will have some in reserve to pull from–thank you, sweet Jesus.  This momma has never had such rest.

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28


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