So it seems our house is in the throws of reorganization.  Even Daddy is on board.  We have way too much stuff.  Toys, clothes, food that isn’t healthy for us, and it’s time to purge.  We need this stuff gone.  Excess, stuff that is bad for us, we want simple, we want healthier–we want better.  Yes, it’s that time of year–the new year is coming, and the old is ending–and this momma is ready for this ‘old year’ to be over.  It’s been one of those…  Between health issues, family issues, and check my head issues, I am so ready to be done, shake the dirt of this year off and move on…

And although some of that old dirt may cling–mud is rather muddy and clingy, isn’t it?–we embark with a renewed mindset, new mantras, new energy–that yes, may waste and wane–but the foundations are there–more solid than before–because they’ve been tested–by this old year–tested, banged, nailed and bent, but not broken.  So, we are stronger–more weathered, yes–but stronger–and we know, we CAN do this, all these things–these hard things, these tough things, these bring us to our knees things–through Him who gives us strength–because he’s proven to us time and time again that he will lead us through the darkest valleys and back up the tallest mountains where we can feel the warmth of the sun once again–and remember that feeling–and when that warmth is not there–the Holy Spirit is–and we know–oh yes we KNOW–we are never alone.

And I want to celebrate the everyday, not just survive it.  Because there are so many little miracles all around us that we overlook because we are oh so busy just trying to make it through–to the next thing, the easier thing, the less painful thing–or even, just the weekend.  And I want my eyes to be more open to those little miracles–because I am so blessed.  And the big ones too.  The big ones like those friends that are there with hugs and love and kisses and just the right word at the right time that keeps you afloat.  Those are big miracles.  Especially in this lonely world that has lost so much empathy.

And for people that drain my spirit.  I want to pray more for them and spend less time worrying and being anxious about them.  I have to deal with them.  I want to run away and not have to.  But I do.  Yucky as that may be, I do.  And I think of my beautiful and lovely friend, Jen, who asks me to look at it this way–God puts those people in our lives to grow our love–to teach us how to love better and bigger.  Because it’s so easy to love kind people, nice people, people who treat us justly and fairly.  But it’s hard to love bitter people, people who lie about us, people who are rude and malicious to us.  God is growing my love and I will pray all the harder for these people in my life and spend more energy on that and be less consumed with negative energy and thoughts concerning them.  Lord, help me. And I thank God for Jen.  What a big miracle she is.

So my house is a bit overwhelming right now–a bit chaotic–as piles of things seem to be everywhere to sort.  The metaphor is not lost on this momma who sees metaphors in everything.  My house, my head, my heart–I want to live simply, beautifully, fully, and authentically–which must be done together.  Clutter doesn’t beget the outcome I desire.  Jesus wants his daughter fully his.  And I think he’s really been working on me, this family, this past year.  I must be humble enough to always be open to hear his voice.  It’s also in the everyday, the every moment, most often in the stillness, if we only listen…

Don’t forget to celebrate your joys while crossing off your list of things to do and getting through your schedule of places you must be.  Even the little ones, like lemon tea with honey or ice cream with sprinkles.  Or the big ones like the smiles of the loved ones around you.  And don’t forget that face that greets you in the mirror every morning either.  As hard of an idea as it may be to embrace, you are worth celebrating as well.  You are one amazing miracle yourself.  Much love, happiness, healing, and celebrating the everyday…


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